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New Year Poker Leaderboards coming to BetOnline Poker

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Celebrate the New Year at BetOnline Poker with a new leaderboard that can earn players a share of over $60,000 in rewards.

The New Year Poker Leaderboard officially begins at BetOnline Poker on January 1, 2022. Throughout the month players will be able to collect leaderboard points by opting in and playing their favorite poker games.

There are four different leaderboards that are part of the promotion. The first is the No-Limit Hold’em $1,000 Daily Cash Games Leaderboard. To collect points for this leaderboard simply play No-Limit Hold’em (NLH) Cash Games at any stake level. The top 50 points earners each day will share the $1,000 daily prize pool.

The second leaderboard is the Pot-Limit Omaha $500 Daily Cash Games Leaderboard. It works exactly the same as the NLH leatherboard, but it’s for Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO_ cash games. The top 25 points earners will split the $500 prize pool.

To collect points on both leaderboards you must play hands with specific hand combinations to the showdown. Here’s what hands earn you what points on those two leaderboards:

KK = 1 point
AA = 2 points
Two Pair = 3 points
Three of a Kind = 4 points
Straight = 5 points
Flush = 6 points

Full House = 7 points
Four of a Kind = 15 points
Straight Flush = 30 points
Royal Flush = 60 points

The third leaderboard available in the promotion is the $500 Daily Sit & Go Leaderboard. All sit & go tournaments and Windfall tournaments collect points for this leaderboard. The Top 50 points earns will split the daily $500 prize pool. Here’s how you collect points for this leaderboard:

1st place in any Windfall Tournament = 10 points
Reach prize level in Double or Nothing Sit and Go = 10 points
Top 3 finish in any Sit & Go = 10 points

The final leaderboard in the promotion is the $5,000 COPS Warm-up Leaderboard. On this leaderboard you collect points from all your tournament activity between January 1-23. The Top 50 points earners will win a share of the prize pool which will go toward entries in the $1.5 Million Championship Series which kicks off on BetOnline Poker on January 24 and runs until February 6.

For full information on the New Years Leaderboards promotion, including how to opt-in and start colleting points on January 1, visit the BetOnline Poker lobby.

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